Camera "LA LEONESSA D’ITALIA" : Brescia

Camera in affitto a Brescia : "LA LEONESSA D’ITALIA" in centro storico a Brescia, perfetto punto di partenza per le tue visite culturali in città.

For Information: +39 030.8035728 - +39 335.5465614


Bed and Breakfast Brescia : Camera La Leonessa d' Italia

The fourth-floor accommodation is the largest and most special and allows a number of solutions: for a large number of guests, we can create a suite with two bedrooms and two bathrooms, entirely separate from each other but with an interconnecting door.
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Ai Musei Bed & Breakfast Brescia
Via Cereto 7 – 7A BRESCIAIT25121 ITA 
 • +39 030.2906023
Bed & Breakfast Brescia : Camera Capitolium

The third-floor room can adapt to meet all the needs of our guests: there is a large single bed which can be made into a double and you can use the large sofa bed so that you have an additional third bed, where necessary.

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AIMUSEI-santa giulia -II 621

Located on the second floor, this is a spacious room with two single beds (which can be made into a double). If you wish, you can make use of the 3rd bed by converting the large chaise-longue sofa, without compromising the space in the room.
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AIMUSEI-san Marco -I-656

The first-floor room has a large double bed and a large sofa which can be converted into a double bed if you need to make use of the 3rd bed.
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